Apr 24, 2011

Society Of Friends a.k.a. The Quakers – Discography Collection CD ( 2009 )

Damage III
Wrestling War
Shame Spiral
Tennis Woman
Serpent Tamer
Adult Humor
Itchy Spot
Pallet Jack Pusher
All In The Family
Potluck Massacre
Creeping Through Crestview
Trapped In A Kamode
Pit Fight For Liquor
Travis Garage
John Lund's Army

The – Chumps - Rock City Rejects
Kevin Costner (Unreleased LP Version)
Heart Attack (Unreleased LP Version)
KODIAK (Unreleased LP Version)
DEBO (Unreleased LP Version)
No Concern (Unreleased LP Version)
Burn Manor Road (Unreleased LP Version)
Dines (Unreleased LP Version)
Kidney Failure (Unreleased LP Version)
Avenge The Harbor (Unreleased LP Version)
Skinhead War (Unreleased LP Version)
Rage Against The Grindcore (Unreleased LP Version)
Maintain Radio Contact (Unreleased LP Version)
Bob Vila (Unreleased LP Version)
C.O.V. (Unreleased LP Version)
Slow (Unreleased LP Version)
Dumb Problem (Unreleased LP Version)

True Liberty
Half Windsor
Bastard Noise Rip Off

Kevin Costner (7" Version)
KODIAK (7" Version)
Short Fight (7" Version)
DEBO (7" Version)
No Concern (7" Version)
Adult Humor (7" Version)
Burn Manor Road (7" Version)
Dines (7" Version)
Kidney Failure (7" Version)
Avenge The Harbor (7" Version)
Carl's (7" Version)
Skinhead War/Rage Against The Grindcore (7" Version)
Maintain Radio Contact (7" Version)
Bob Vila (7" Version)
C.O.V. (7" Version)
Slow (7" Version)
Dumb Problem (7" Version)


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