Apr 24, 2011

Kurbits I.R. " Inget liv " 7" EP (1996)


  1. one of best swedish bands. Loving them. That is besides others where Massgrav got inspiration from.

  2. no wonder massgrav fukkin fast! ru from massgrav? the best sweden hc band all the time!

  3. no, I am not from Massgrav. Just interviewed Massgrav on their Russia tour for Trust Fanzine, Massgrav mentioned Kurbits I.R as one of the best Swedish bands of all time and I only had the 7" on 625 back then. I think the Inget Liv 7" is a lot better than the later on 625, more juvenile FuckYouAttitudeWeAreFasterThanYou attitude while smartly adding a little smart Anticimex Metal flavour to it all.
    Love them.


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