Nov 25, 2010

Trendy Bastard / Krupskaya split 7" EP ( 2008 )

Trendy Bastard:
1.Urethras Castle
2.Dan Woodman
3.Crocodile Mustache
4.Twig Destroyer
5.Bark Funeral
6.666 Can eat my shit shit shit

1.And bless those who carry trepidation for the faceless enemy
2.Rain Fell in the Morning Air
3.Onwards the righteous into the mire
4.Failed by the angel of mons
5.Only rats came for the bodies
6.Trespass against me for I am war and rebirth

( download link in comment box )

Burial " Speed At Night " 12'' LP ( 2009 )

Face Up To It" the complete 2001 recordings " Tape ( 2001 )

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