May 28, 2011

Utter Bastard " s/t " 7" EP ( 1996 )

Beer Picnic
Piece Of Shit
Macho Man
Five Finger Discount
Bass Fill Song
Harmonica Song
The Strain
Gettin' Unorthodox
Glam Rock
Four Horsemen
Old Men
We Drink Beer
Hippie Alert
Ego Shit
Punk Drunk
Flamin' Bag Of Dog Shit

Straight Edge Kegger / Gruk - Split 7" EP ( 2003 )

Peace No More/Smoke A Bowl
Death Is In The Air
If You Were Really There, You Would Know
The Meaning To Life Was Told In A HC Thrash Song But No One Understood The Words And There Was No Lyric Sheet
Chasing People On Bikes Who Aren't Really There
Jesus VS Nazi Germany
Zepplin, GNR, Or Some DC?

The Mask
Lost Cause

Straight Edge Kegger / Capitalist Casualties - Split 7" EP ( 200? )

Straight Edge Kegger / Knifethruhead - Split 5" EP ( 2008 )

Straight Edge Kegger –  Killing To Be Held Captive
Knifethruhead – Roadkill Dicksuck

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