Apr 20, 2011

Cut The Shit " Marked For Life " 10" LP

Up All Night
Shock & Awe
Laugh It Off
Knife In The Water
Marked For Life
Doctor, Martyr
No Resolve
Not Enough
Your Rights, Their Laws
Losing Battle
Gotta Get A Grip

The Cancer Kids " The Possible Dream " 12" LP ( 2006 )

Let´s Get Blacklisted
Boston Blow
Fuck It
9021 Oi!
XY Zoo
Enough Already
T.I.E. It Down
Q & A
Dead F´n Air
The Possible Dream
Let´s Get Exited
The Real Thing
Punks With Dogs
Escape Velocity
[Cancer + Kids] = (___)
Astonishing! Spectacular! Exhilarating!

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