Jan 4, 2011

Ruination / They Live - Split 7" EP ( 200? )

A1 Anticipation
A2 Play The Part
A3 One Of Those Days

B1 Got Myself A System
B2 Note To Self
B3 Do I Know?
B4 Yours To Kill

Saturation " Beware The Living " 12" LP ( 200? )

A1 Disqualify
A2 A Better Tomorrow (May I Disagree)
A3 Hit A Friend (Coz Might Makes Right)
A4 Beware The Living
A5 Insanity Reigns Supreme
B1 Follow The Heard
B2 Irrelevant
B3 Punx Not Junk
B4 L'Apotheose
B5 We're Sinking

Decrepit / Phalanx - Split 7" EP ( 199? )

A1 The Expendables
A2 Equal Opportunity Employer
A3 Lock Up

B1 Paraquat
B2 Fourth Reich
B3 Suicide Whiner
B4 Whose Streets

Decrepit / Cephlatripe - Split 7" EP ( 199? )

A1 That's Using Your Head
A2 Abscess Hollywood
A3 Down My Throat ( Disrupt )

B1 Burning
B2 Assimilate To Extinction
B3 Abandoned
B4 Dimension Zero
B5 Constant Battle

Servitude " Apparatus " 7" EP ( 1997 )

A1 Apparatus
A2 You Can't Drink Petroleum
A3 Ignore
B1 Probe
B2 Complacency
B3 Servitude

Servitude / Ebola - Split 7" EP ( 1998 )

A1 Growth
A2 Consume The Image
A3 Breath

B1 Death To The Shitbreed
B2 Bring Me The Head Of Mike Brinson
B3 Rover's Return
B4 Cockpit
B5 Malevolance

Ebola " Incubation " 12" LP ( 1996 )

A1 Incubation
A2 Spite
A3 Dumb
A4 Analgesia
A5 Half Human
A6 Mass Production
A7 Bar Code Punk
B1 Higher Form Of Killing
B2 Let It Die
B3 Holy See Of Shite
B4 View From
B5 Social Role Valorisation
B6 Zero Tolerance
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