Jun 5, 2011

Agathocles / BWF - Split 7" EP ( 1998 )

I Thought
Full Of Hatred


Source : HERE

Necrose " Acrostichon To The Rack " 7" EP ( 1994 )

Vital Pollution
Mass Madness
Drug The World
Corruption Behind Our Laws
Stupid Consumist
Thank You, God
Coke Bull-Shit
Tragic Romance
Disgrace To Humanity
Inside Crisis
Septic Anarchy
Rebel Fashion Boys
Gory Exhibition
Dead By Dissection
Welcome To The Nuclear Age
Police My Fear
Christian Proliferation
Extreme Sound Irritation
Artificial Life
Cannibalistic Society
In This World (There's No Place To More Lies)
Your Success
Oppression & Frustration
Alcohol Alienation
Under Pression
A Black Future
Enemy Mine
Inferiority Complex

V/A - Revenge Of The Kamikaze Stegosaurus From Outerspace! 12" LP ( 1988 )

No Fraud – L.I.F.E.
Wretched – La Tua Morte Non Aspetta
XYZ – Refuse To Sign
Rise  – Look For Someone
P.T.L. Klub – 18 ( Alice Cooper )
Prong – Next To Grace & Hope
Bulge – Dingleberry Stew
Ripcord – Lucky Ones
Ripcord – Viviseccion - Tortura Innecesseria
GG Allin & Scumfucs, The – No Room (Live)
Stain, The – (No More) Cheap Talk
Psycho – Waste
Psycho – Injustice
Damage – ...Lopussa
Afterbirth – Self Destruction
Phobia – Cyanide
Cancerous Growth – Greed
Freeze, The – Refrigerator Heaven
Mentors – Free Fix (Live)
Scam, The – Too Late

Ümlaüt " Total Disfückingcography " CD ( 2005 )

Ümlaüt Barmy Army
Intro (Instrümental Version)
Mass Graves For The Victims Of The Capitalist Machine
Brothers In Arms
Finale #1
Lie Here As If We're Dead
Killed By Sürvival
Intifada (Called Terrorists By Terrorists)
Finale #2
We Don't Give A Fück
Let's Go!( Bette Midler cover )
Thrill Of The Open Road
Coünterattack ( D.R.I. cover )
Hell Bent On Destrüction
Speak Finnish Or Die
Amor Fati
Emergency War Sürgery: Radiation Injüries
Ümlaüt 5 Demands Presented To The Hardcore Commünity International At The Beginning Of The 21st Centüry
Finale #3: Another Demand
Denied At Cüstoms
Finale #4: Leper Messiah
No Arms
What The Fück!?
Düct Tape And Distortion
Finland Über Alles
Bomb Threat
Nüclear Annihilation
Intifada (Radio Edit)
Gas Chamber Of Commerce
Ü.S. Oüt Of North America
Eve Of Destrüction
Here Come The Pigs
Bring Them Down
Paint It Black ( Carcass cover )

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