Feb 24, 2012

NEWS : Dysmorfic / Progeria - Split 7" EP is OUT NOW!

Dysmorfic come back with 4 brand new tracks of their patented twisted, blasting grind.
Progeria is Los Angeles ear-shredders, total grind, feat. Bastard Noise singer
and guest vocals by Eric Wood and Leon del Muerte.

After their U.S.A. Tour in 2009 together the two bands now join
forces for one of the grindest slab of vinyl ever.

Red vinyl, comes with  patch!!!

Get your copy for just 5 euros postpaid (first class airmail);
wholesale 2 euros each postpaid (first class airmail - min. 5 copies)
Order now at: dysmorfic@inwind.it

wholesales and trades at:
noiseparty@yahoo.com | dxaxsxgrindcore@gmail.com | zasrec@alice.it

Next shows:
07/03 - Bologna, It, w/Fuck The Facts and Haemophagus
06/10 - Leeds, UK, Blastonbury Fest
more t.b.a.

1 comment:

  1. For those who may be interested, I still have copies of Dysmorfic "Borned to be fucked":


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