May 23, 2011

V/A - Brutality In Seconds 12" LP ( 2010 )

Pleasant Valley – Endless Sea Of Sickness
SFN – Collectors
Highlife – Hopefully Nothing
Nibiru – Those Who Line Their Pockets
Sidetracked – Get To The Point
Sidetracked – Instinct
Sidetracked – Intense Degree
Naw Dude – Return To Dick Party Island
Doom Siren – Bankeracide
Hatred Surge – Destiny Of Hate
A.R.M. –Let The Bloodbath Begin
P.L.F. –Sleep When I'm Dead
Hassonchop! – OG4
Hassonchop! – Small Talk Head Lock
Dissent – Bringers Of Death
Chestpain – Real Talk
Fuck Work – To Be Announced
Fuck Work – Adrift
Gloam Knowing Doesn't Matter
HOD – Suicide Will Help You
Battle Rifle  – Death To False Screw
Battle Rifle  – Los Locos Kick Your Ass
Battle Rifle Steady On Da Grind
Endless Demise – Imitations
Mammoth Grinder – Unnatural Death
In Disgust – Empty Head
Blood Royale – Death Comes Alive
T.R.L. – Punk Rock Pays The Bills
T.R.L. – P.C. Vegan Fisheater
T.R.L. – Open Your Eyes Stupid (You Can See Better)
Hummingbird Of Death – Swallowed
No Man's Slave – Getting What We Deserve
Self Loathing – Abuse Ritual
Self Loathing – Paint Thinner
Sodomorrhea – Anonymous
Kill The Client – Pressing The Flesh
Branch Davidian – Substitute
Strains Of The Apocalypse – Eat What You Pay
Strains Of The Apocalypse – Zombies Mental Vacation
Full Blown AIDS – There's A Kink In My Catheter

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