Apr 30, 2011

V/A - Personality Liberation Front #4 / Deplorable Records compilation CD ( 2003 )

Conation - They've Come This Far Why The Fuck Should They Go Back Now? (demo)
Bjelke-Petersen Youth - Pliant (Left For Dead)
St. Albans Kids - An Exercise in Self-Affirmation
Schifosi - Wealth of Soil
The Stockholm Syndrome - Pen and Paper as a Safety Harness
George W. Bush - Fix Me (Black Flag)
The Spitz - Tell Me Something True
Heartfeltself - Consumer Hopefuls
Identity Theft - Warren Commission
Charcoal Human - Dissident
Far Left Limit - Need No Explanation
Widow/Orphan - if Closets are for Clothes I'm a Fucking Trenchcoat
Iron Sausage - Convenience Stuffs / Democratic Disease
Love Like...Electrocution - With Horses in Her Eyes, She Spat Like a Wildcat
Headless Horsemen - Born to Die
Terror Firma - Young and Free? (demo)
Upside Down Flag - Small Man, Big Mouth (Minor Threat)
Staying At Home - Jettison
Worse Off - Constant Damage
Encryptor - I-You-We-Dead
Theory Of Flight - Illusionary
Things Fall Apart - Tide
Open Wound - More Than Entertainment
Cross Eyed Hate - Whitebelt Wipeout
Days Of Iris - Less Than All
Deadstare - Tooth & Nail (Chokehold)
The Nation Blue - The Day The Banks Went Under
Pure Evil Trio - Crushed Beneath the Weight of My Own Insignificance
Fuck...I'm Dead - Barefoot and Shitfaced
Us Versus Them - I Should Have Chosen Impulse

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