Apr 28, 2011

Iron Sausage " Not A Lot About Nothing " CD ( 1999 )

Nothing New
Pocket Gameboy
I Complain, My Friends Complain, Why The Fuck Don't You Complain?
Ode To Howard's Stooges
Television The Drug Of The Masses
Mine Is Bigger Than Yours
Diamonds Or Cubic Zirconia?
Heroin & Other Addictive Drugs Are Undermining All The Basic Principles Of Life In Our Society
3 Day BBQ
I Participate, You Participate, She, He & Animals Participate, They Profit
What Can You Do About It?
No Excuses, Buddy
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Plastic Fish Food
No Thought At All
Stinky Britches
Means To An End
I Used To Be Straight Edge - Only Back Then We Called It Boys Brigade
The Jabiluka Manuka
Shame, Shame, Shame
Middle Finger Response ( propaghandi )

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