Jan 11, 2011

Resist " The Solution... Revolution " tape ( 1991 )

A1 Intro
A2 Submit And Obey
A3 Get Ahead
A4 Dumb Enough To Die
A5 United States Of Apathy
A6 Liberation
A7 Social Security
A8 War On Drugs
A9 Think Again
A10 Brainwashed
A11 Homophobia
A12 Red, White And Blue

B1 The Solution...
B2 Green
B3 Corporate Apartheid
B4 Sellout
B5 History 101
B6 Uncle Sam
B7 Progress
B8 Controlled Life
B9 Horrendous Cutthroat System
B10 Insanity
B11 Paranoid

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