Jan 20, 2011

Reproach / Sunpower - Live 12" LP ( 2009 )

A1 Too Radical
A2 State Of Fear
A3 Swastika Youth
A4 Killed By Death
A5 Dirty 67
A6 Gonna Cut Myself
A7 BXHell
A8 Think For Your Next Meal
A9 Deathsquad
A10 Blue On The Streets
A11 Tough, Mean & Rough
A12 Fucked Up
A13 Ready To Attack
A14 Bored Generation
A15 Minor Threat

B1 You Deserve It
B2 Shove My Fucking Face In It
B3 I Rather Sk8 All Day
B4 Biochemical Warfare
B5 Skateboarding Saves
B6 The Fallout
B7 Kicked In The Teeth
B8 Onward To Destruction
B9 Boiling Inside
B10 Dead By Dawn
B11 LAPD Can Suck It
B12 Fuck Us All
B13 Acid Rain
B14 Drink, Fight + Fuck (GG Allin)
B15 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag)
B16 Skate And Destroy
B17 Skate Of Ass
B18 Ratrace
B19 Scars
B20 Switch It Off
B21 Is What It Is

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