Jan 15, 2011

Phyrexian " What are we? " CD ( 2010 )

* Request by the band itself,download and enjoy.
keep in touch with them via email : fer_nandolara@hotmail.com

Some info about the band : Phyrexian formed in mid 2002 in Argentina, with Fer and Nacho Lara at the helm, being the only members who were in all stages of the band. Since late 2004 mentioned so far played by the underground circuit bs.as (Cement, Hangar, CBGB) having a very good acceptance from the public, people in general gets very crazy at the shows the group, original adrenaline arouses particular hardly a light in the scene. In December 2004, records can be done? The first demo of the band consists of 7 songs, with lyrics of protest, stories of science fiction and everyday reality every day.The band had a major layoff in which Nacho Fer and continued playing in bands like Juliana parallel and Flight, cd recording each of the bands playing live across the country, highlighting the Precosquin 2008 with flying rio grande, recording a video with Julian (typical day), which passed through CM, until exactly 4 years later, they return to the tables with a new member Boomer that the band brings a freshness and solidity that makes the band have a sound goes from Punk to the Trash without losing originality or identity, the band is a reflection of music every year that passed, respecting the history in their repertoire. During 2009 are presented in different parts of the country, highlighting dates Ratos de Porão in super rock and The Exploited in the theater of flowers, among others. Today the band is at its best and recorded their new cd What are we? it will be presenting on what comes of the year.

www.myspace.com / phyrexianoficial 

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