Dec 19, 2010

V.A - No Desire To Continue Living 10" EP ( 1994 )

A1 Man Is The Bastard - Military Prayer
A2 Man Is The Bastard - Chubby
A3 Pink Flamingos - Rechtsstaat
A4 Stack - Natural
A5 Corrosive - Recycle Dich Selbst
A6 Corrosive - Krankes Tier Mensch
A7 Corrosive - Konsumiert
A8 Hiatus - Horrendous Police Control
A9 Hellnation - Liberation
A 10Intestinal Disease - Grey
A 11Agathocles - Is It Really Mine?

B1 Capitalist Casualties - Greedy Bastards
B2 M.V.D. - Uniformed Behaviour
B3 M.V.D. - Bloodmachine
B4 Acme - Machine
B5 Rorschach - Hemlock
B6 Systral  - Strangled No.2
B7 Devoid Of Faith  - Counterfit Joy
B8 Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore  - Im Griff Der Parkklause Dive

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