Dec 2, 2010

Exhumed / Haemorrhage - Split tape ( 1995 )

A1 Perverse Innard Infestation
A2 Excoriated Emasculated & Dead
A3 Grubs
A4 The Pallor of Unliving Flesh
A5 Carneous Corneal Carbonization
A6 Pyathrotic Discorporation
A7 Excreting Innards
A8 Intercourse with a Limbless Cadaver
A9 Rancid Fermenting Stench
A10 Vagitarian
A11Radiator Bitch 

B1 Uncontrollable Proliferation Of Neoplasm
B2 Grotesque Embryopathology
B3 Fermented Post-Mortem Disgorgement / Cadaveric Metamorphose
B5 Via Anal Introspection
B6nPulmonary Mucu-Purulence

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