Nov 16, 2010

GRIND YER HEAD IN " a compilation of really fucking fast music " Comp CDr ( 2009 )

 ( download link in comment box )

01.magnum force - fun
02.ihatethis - dopeslinger
03.ultimate blowup - can't break the fall
04.hooker spit windex - howie mandahmer
05.daisy cutter - invertebrate
06.bastards - poison control
07.bastards - opposer oppressor
08.kali - imposter
09.GRG - inside out
10.backslider - total disappointment
11.goner - overpowered II
12.dosXamigos - get your headlights out of my asshole
13.koppojutsu - llofloorpunchbbq
14.reproach - skateboarding saves
15.insincere - return of the shredder
16.megatron - if you play with gobots that you are retarded
17.ordstro - i hate traffic
18.bangsat - millenium kanibalisme
19.flash elorde - PC boy
20.como se dice - ear plugs
21.AxRxM - let the bloodbath begin dan - grind constantly
23.snake head fish - i'm sorry say that again i'm blind
24.snake head fish - song of much bongos
25.eddie brock - greener pastures & asshole thrashers
26.inerds - she beast
27.shaolin finger jabb - watermelon monster
28.valhalla pacifists - sounds like fun
29.moribund punishment - bastard ecology hi-five - death of a bashead
31.grimbsy - a shot in the mouth for a shot in the arm
32.flat out - chill the fuck out
33.assworship - i don't like
34.gorgonized dorks - corporate cheats
35.bastard son of your mom - F.G.
36.compulsion to kill - perangaimu tahi di hatiku
37.go like this - smoke dank & kill cops
38.think twice - pay for death
39.magnum force - closed mind
40.intheshit - lights out in fuhrer bunker hole of calcutta - college kids
42.i decide - aer infection
43.blam! - ass, grass, or cash no one grinds for free made filth - edge of insanity
45.nihil baxter - punk is dead
46.TxDxPx - lights out
47.TxDxPx - nassacre
48.tinnitus - anxiety
49.important documents - SP vs BP
50.lycanthrophy - the mask of arrogance
51.faction disaster - spastic breakdancing
52.badmouth - sabbath
53.hooker spit windex - kill the rockafellar
54.gorgonized dorks - life in turmoil
55.eddie brock - weapon X
56.nemesis complex - failure through success
57.fed up - will i live another day
58.exogorth - the machete
59.DxDxOx - paz-igreja hi-five - you're not that cool
61.hellcore - nyocot
62.primitive impulses-school zones
63.elastic death - the curse of the golden axe
64.monstromorgue - la primera palaba
65.daisy cutter - dead meat
66.el mariachi - untitled
67.important documents - shave the whales
68.godstomper -victim's diet
69.burt - chasse gardee
70.assworship - slamming doors
71.snuff - fuck your life
72.eye gouge! - my life
73.xPBJx - never trust thanksgiving leftovers
74.jungle juice - officer down
75.T.M.S.C. - hooks
76.intheshit - hey gurl you wanna turn up dead in dorchester bay
77.semen segal - tall can
78.S.B.D. - two faced fuckhead
79.S.B.D. - hiding from the world
80.slapendehonden - teras from belgium
81.lewd gesture - OD on apathy
82.ordstro - sham(b) defence - bromophobia
84.impulse - disinformation
85.rampant decay - cocaine frenzy
86.the shina labeoufs - scorpiogator dan - metal punk rock star
88.megatron - starscream is a little bitch
89.super aids - roll it up
90.mind wreck - wigga punch
91.sarlaac - setting fire to sleeping wumpas
92.dosXamigos - MxPxC to the 3rd degree
93.THC - misanthropic appeal
94.tinnitus - addiction to diction
95.stillbirtho - eyes
96.calafia puta - ciudad burdel
97.slapendehonden - picktons pigs
98.exogorth - james phillips
99.bundy - fuck the system
( download link in comment box )


  1. GRIND YER HEAD IN " a compilation of really fucking fast music " Comp CDr ( 2009 )

  2. tHanK yOu VeRY MuCH FoR PoSTinG tHiS, THRaSH MouTH oNLy mADe a HanDFuL oF cDr oF tHiS KiCk aSs ReLeaSe...(aBouT 50) I DoN'T tHinK aLL tHe BanDs GoT a CoPY BeCauSe I DiDn'T.


  3. Woah really?? I ended up getting over 30 copies when this first came out. Still have about 10 if anyone's looking.



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