Oct 30, 2010

V.A - Fooling With Pain Comp. 7" ( 1996 )

A1 Laceration  -  Whiner        
A2 Laceration-  Dog Crap        
A3 Global Holocaust  -  Mèdias Dèformation        
A4 Cuff  -  Troops From The O.S.        
A5 Hated Principles  -  We Are Nothing II        
B1 Cripple Bastards  -  Danas Je Dan Za Lijencine        
B2 Harsh  -  Working Class Scam        
B3 Capitalist Casualties  -  Nuclear National Park        
B4 Capitalist Casualties  -  Fuck The Christians        
B5 Argue Damnation  -  Only Stupid Bastards Help Major Label

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