Oct 3, 2010

Sheeva Yoga - Heartotheque CD (Cover Songs) (2007)

1. Better off dead (Guyana Punch Line cover)
2. Too short to ignore (Le Scrawl cover)
3. Gravity (Default cover)
4. Cekal isem na tvoti chybu (Telefon cover)
5. Ram it up (S.O.D. / Inferno cover)
6. Concrete and steel (From Ashes Rise cover)
7. Another silly war (7 Minutes of Nausea cover)
8. Carl alarm (Mexican Power Authority cover)
9. Tough guy (Beastie Boys cover)
10. Swallowed by karma (Maneurysm cover)
11. Suchet pes (Hastr cover)
12. Spazz vs. mother nature (Spazz cover)
13. Deceiver (Napalm Death cover)
14. Damone (Deftones cover)


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